Here in Kaikoura we are blessed with an extremely diverse and abundant coastline. One species in particular that thrives here is the local Crayfish (also known overseas as a Rock Lobster)

The Cray is an integral part of our community, so much so that the name Kaikoura translates to "to eat crayfish" in Maori. Not only is it a big spoke in the community wheel here, it's the townships namesake.

We ask that you please treat these ancient critters with the respect they deserve - Crayfish is a popular product of hunting and is highly sought after. 

They aren't the easiest species to catch, here at Dive Kaikoura we offer guided crayfish hunts.

These hunts are great for those with zero experience, to those more comfortable with the concept wanting some insider knowledge and tips. Proper hunting and handling techniques are hugely important, in all scenarios, but particularly with our local crayfish.

We will run you through correct measuring processes, which and how many to take, safe hunting techniques (minimal harm to the cray as well as the diver) as well as humane processing and the best cooking methods.

Crayfish Hunting Dive

$150 per diver

2 dives, 3 - 5 hour experience. Tailored to suit divers experience levels. Please call the shop on 03 319 6622 to book, or send us an email at

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